Introducing Me. :))

11 Feb

“If you wanna know
Here it goes
Gonna tell you this
But remember that you asked for it
I’ll try to do my best to impress
At times confusing, slightly amusing
Introducing me…”


You know its going to be a fantastic blog if Im quoting a Jo bro from the start.  : )) So I am Megan Blakeley, AKA MeggieBeee. I enjoy long walks on the beach, bubble baths, and frolicking in the woods with my animal friends. A past time of mine is getting into the back of windowless none descript vans with various promises of puppies and/or candy, depending on the day.   


“I eat cheese, but only on pizza, please
And sometimes on a homemade quesadilla
Otherwise it smells like feet to me
And I, I really like it when the moon looks like a toenail
And I love you when you say my name…” 


My current job  is at a gas station as a cashier, which basically means a trained monkey could do my job but it’s honestly not a bad job, other then the swarms of misquitos that come around exactly at 8:00. (It looks like I have chicken pox it’s that bad.) I live with my Dad, two older sisters (Lyndsey 24, Lauren 19), and two dogs (Josie and Bella) in Alberta Canada. Or New Brunswick depending on if I have money or not to visit.  


“And I like to use to the word  “dude”
As a noun, or an adverb, or an adjective….”


My dreams are making enough money to travel and not be tied down. I want to see everything and visit pretty much everywhere. (Minus Columbia. Cause I would most likely die.). My current goal is going on a working vacation for 9 months in Australia. Me and my best friend Tiffany are planning on going in January but I just want to be there right meow. It will pretty be much like work, ditch the job then travel the country, soaking up sun, scuba diving, surfboarding (though Im super scared of sharkes eating me), sleeping under stars, visiting the outback, getting a pet kangaroo that will be our pet, meeting new people, seeing the Great Barrier Reef, hiking, living in hostels. It sounds amazing, but unfortunately I lack the skill of saving money so its a slow process. Saving up 5 grand should be like no problem right?


“And I’ve never really been into cars
I like really cool guitars and superheroes
And checks with lots of zeros on ’em
I love the sound of violins
And making someone smile…”


Some little facts about me are I love Justin Bieber and would totally give him my v-card. (Akward to post on a blog? Maybe, but so true. Thats me in a nutshell. Blurting out awkward things cause I wasnt born with a filter or something..maybe its a muzzle?) . Florance and The Machine, Adele, Foo Fighters, Cold Wars Kids, Sam Roberts, Snow Patrol, Our Lady Peace are just a few of my favourite bands. I dont believe in god but in science. I suck at math. Hopefully not a vital life skill? Harry Potter is one of the greatest books/series of our time and I highly doubt anything will top it (I swear to god if you say Twilight so help me god…ahahah but I mean look how much work  and planning J.K put into it!  The woman is a genuis. I worship the ground she walks on.) And because of that I named my dog Tonks. After a HP character. Im real cool like that. Also Im 1/64th black no big deal or anything. : D

Anyways that’s all for now folks!


“Well, you probably know more than you ever wanted to
So be careful when you ask next time..”



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